About Saharo Foundation.
Who We Are

Saharo is run by volunteers who are professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, and noble citizens of the World. We do not belong to any country’s government or military. We are simply volunteers who think “we can make a difference” in lives of poor people who are earning less than dollar a day. On part time bases from our own homes, we can dedicate few hours to combine resources, and help those who really need help. Board of Directors will not draw any salary, no offices in expensive areas, no five start hotel seminars, and business class trips.

Saharo Birth

In March 2005, It was realized that a social platform is needed to serve the underprivileged people throughout the World. A blog was formed with a name of teamsindh blogspot and the social work started from this platform. On 18th July 2005, a 15 years old girl Arifa Shaikh attempted suicide in Larkana Pakistan; the reason for suicide was hunger. She was hungry for 2 days (Local newspaper daily kawish 19 july 2005), Hanif Sangi immediately took action and sent appeal for donation on internet, this was the start of our organization, we received donations and helped this poor family, luckily girl survived, and this gave us encouragement to continue this noble work.. On October 26, 2007, Hanif Sangi named it SAHARO FOUNDATION so that work can be done more effectively; same day registered the domain and launched the website. This mission is expanding every single day and there is no doubt in our success.

Saharo’s Vision

Saharo’s vision is to take underprivileged people of the World to self-sustaining phase by providing them opportunity of education, empower women and children, so they can live a quality life; save a life of patient who have no access to health care; and help the victims of natural disasters who are in dire need and may suffer malnutrition. Accomplish this vision by eliminating traditional overhead costs and unnecessary barricades of rules and regulations, cut the middleman and reach out to that underprivileged people directly. Deliver timely strategic decisions to steer in the direction of need, and distinguish Saharo from outdated ways of earning name and fame through social work.

Mission Statement

Saharo Foundation will accomplish its vision by following short and long term strategy, and a comprehensive plan of initially uplifting the deprived people of developing countries. Saharo will serve as a vehicle to provide scholarships on regular basis to talented people of rural areas. Saharo will decentralize and delegate the authority to make timely decisions at lowest possible level while maintaining the accountability through trail of paper work with a tougher check and balance. Saharo’s assets will be volunteers throughout the globe. Saharo will exercise zero tolerance policy for violating integrity. Saharo will serve as courier who can be trusted, between donor and underprivileged.

Saharo’s mission is to give women new skill set, so they can use variety of self-sustaining tools, and pay individual attention to orphans and special children, so they can become future leaders. Several health, educational, and technical programs will spread throughout the globe in order to accomplish the vision.

Saharo Team

Saharo believes in participation, our strength are volunteers. Saharo Board has five Directors who meet monthly to make decisions. This monthly meeting is not limited to Directors, but meeting invitation goes throughout the community.

All projects are reviewed, funds are allocated, and strategy is discussed regularly.