Saharo Scholarships Project

This is the backbone project of Saharo Foundation. Since 2006 Saharo Foundation has received numerous requests for scholarships from the talented students of developing countries. Saharo focused on one area of Sindh Pakistan. Saharo awarded several scholarships to the students of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh University Jamshoro, People Medical College for Girls Nawabshah Sindh, Chandka Medical University Larkana Sindh, and Shah Latif Uiversity Khairpur Sindh. Saharo asked Professors of those institutions to recommend highly talented and deserving students. After reviewing each case individually education committee awarded scholarships, and paid full tuition fees of a semester.
Saharo also encouraged and sponsored rural area students to get certificates and degrees from Chartered Accountant Institute of Pakistan. Saharo is planning to transform scholarship project, and announce annual scholarships.

Saharo Vocational Training Project

Saharo has been on forefront in implementing and encouraging vocational training projects. Saharo starting point remained the same rural areas of Sindh. Saharo brain stormed and volunteered to sponsor jobless people for trainings through established businesses. Saharo currently runs a 20-machine vocational training center to empower women in Shaikarpur Sindh, we are also looking into ways to expand this project, and implement other micro training projects which can give an extra tool to a jobless person.
We have partnered with local entrepreneurs to help create pool of skilled people in different skills. Saharo had approached bakery owners to give internship or training where Saharo will pay the monthly stipend to bakery owners and in return they will give training. Saharo is also looking to set up a training center in Hyderabad.

Saharo Career Counseling and Research Center Project

This project has been one of our top priorities. Saharo is the first overseas Sindhi organization to implement this project. Saharo started asking North American Pakistani Americans to help provide career counseling during their visit to Pakistan. Several volunteers agreed to speak with students who are looking for guidance. Saharo has provided counseling sessions for Quaid-e-Awam University Nawabshah, and Isra University Hyderabad students free to charge. Saharo arranged a seminar at Isra, the first of its kind by any nonprofit organization.

Saharo Information Sharing Project

Saharo Foundation believes in information sharing, in an effort to implement this project. Saharo volunteer has compiled a booklet which contains procedure of admission in international institutions, scholarships, tests, career paths, research patterns, and much more has been added to guide rural students who may not have access to internet. This project will help publish this booklet, and distribute in rural area institutions. Saharo Foundation blog ( has links to several test sites; resume writing, research databases beyond google and yahoo, health tips, scholarship postings. Saharo sends these posting tippers to over 100 subscribers regularly.