Strategy Saharo Foundation’s strategy.
Short Term Strategy

Saharo Foundation’s short term strategy is based on five year plan starting from 01 January 2011 and ending 31 Dec 2015. During this five year period, Saharo will publish annual reports to show progress, and shift the strategy if needed. Following Projects are core elements of five year short term strategic plan:

  1. Award 100,000 scholarships to highly talented underprivileged area students of any education level for higher studies or skill development.
  2. Train 100,000 Women of all ages through vocational training, provide them equipment, and help market their products through access in International market.
  3. Set up 5 health clinics which focus on Depression, and Hepatitis.
  4. Help the victims of people, and natural disasters through micro loans, and financial assistance.
  5. Set-up research centers in rural areas with access to internet
  6. Conduct formal and informal counseling sessions, provide guidance and a tailored path to success as per individual need.
  7. Publish a resource book about worldwide educational institutions, scholarships, immigration, and careers.
  8. Increase cooperation, and build healthy relationship with Donors and other organizations on ground in underprivileged areas.
  9. Open line of communication; take maximum advantage of technology, and social media.
  10. Help homeless with shelter.
Mid Term Strategy

Saharo Foundation’s Mid Term strategy is based on a ten year comprehensive doable plan to uplift the underprivileged people socially, and economically. This strategic plan includes short term strategic projects along with following additions;

  1. Double the scholarships for talented students for higher studies, and skill development.
  2. Sponsor talented graduates for International training in field of their choice.
  3. Establish Non Profit high quality technology equipped schools in developing countries.
  4. Triple the number of health units
  5. Help women from rural areas to become entrepreneurs by providing them necessary tools, and skills, so they can generate jobs in those areas.
  6. Establish a working relationship between International Universities and Universities of Developing Countries, encourage exchange student program.
  7. Increase focus and establish centers for disabled, drug addicts, widows, and orphans, so they can live a quality life.
  8. Continue take advantage of social media, and adjust strategy according to current conditions of that time.
  9. Train volunteers so they can face challenges on ground.
  10. Invite Saharo scholars to brief donors, and tell their stories.
  11.  Help homeless people with shelter.